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Dive deep into the clear water of your swimming pool where stories and technolgy fuse in breathtaking holograms. Our beyond this universe holographic displays seemingly fuse reality and imagination, allowing swimmers to interact with sea creatures while learning to swim. Teleport your swimmer or gamers through time as our holograms create a dynamic and interactive environment with a chance to meet extinct creatures as the tylosaurus, pliosaurus funkei or Predator X.

Hologram swimming games

State-of-the-art Hologram Entertainment


Get ready to interact with holograms of Megalodons, Mermaids, Dolphins, Whales, Seahorses, Turtles, Sirens, Poseidon, Kraken, Torpedoes, Submarines etc. In a Pokémon Go style SwiMMinD releases fairy and scary sea hologram creatures at local swimming pools across the globe! They’re ALIVE in your swimming pools! Fairy and Scary hologram sea creatures become an essential part of swimmers’ lives. Megalodons, Sharks can sense when someone does not go to practice as they sense blood. Mermaids can help you find hidden treasures. Dolphins or torpedoes could show you how to swim faster! They fled the oceans and the magical worlds to come to live at your local pool!

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Holograms in swimming pools reveal advanced holographic display technology to release realistic and immersive experiences for swimmers, blending advanced technology with learn to swim programs.

Maze-M provides holographic projection tools for swimming pools to assist pool manager of establishing technological progress, and create a spectacular and memorable experience for swimmers and gamers.

Hologram Swimming Pools

Hologram 50m pool

Revolutionizing learning to swim by creating immersive and interactive experiences in local swimming pools for unreal engagement and impact. Swimmers ca truly immerse themselves in the game story within our largest installation, 50m swimmimg pool. While people swim, holograms projected into the walls of the pool appear as if they leap from the bottom of the sea and into reality, offering a remarcable visual spectacle that blurs the line between what is real.

Submerge yourself in the pool and surround yourself in lively spirited scenery, including hypnothic visuals and interactive sea creatures which produces an exceptional sensory experience, altering everything around in a such a way that goes even beyond your immagination.  Make the perfect pool birthday party that nobody will forget. 

Hologram 25m pool

As in the 50m swimming pool, we install projectors in 25m pool where holographic sea creatures pop up. Swimmers can explore in a more exceptional viewing angle of the holographic content, with the chance to be very close and personal with feary and scary sea creatures.



How are holograms installed in the swimming pools?

The development of holograms for swimming pools is a very complex work which involves  a combination of digital content and projection techniques. Sea creatures are digitised using motion capture, or computer-generated graphics. This digital data is processed and turned into projection holographic surfaces using advanced projectors. Lighting and optics are precisely calibrated to develop a holographic effect never seen before but still resulting in realistic and visually spectacular way.


Can swimmers interact with the holograms in the pools?

Yes, swimmers can interact with holograms. That is what it drove us in the first place when we started dreaming about developing holograms in swimming pools. 


Can your hologram exhibits be used temporary in swimming pools?

It depends on the pool. If it has been planned with buildin service areas, it will be easy to dissasemble the projects and the hologram games to make them travel in different swimming pools, especially if they are regular sized (25m and 50m).  The irregular pools are a bit more difficult to callibrate and to plan underwater windows but they can still be planned.   Then the projectors can be easily transported and assembled into the new location, making them easy to be adapted to any swimming pool with regular size. This flexibility enables swimming pools to create an engaging hologram exhibitions that can be shared with swimmers and gamers across the world.  


Why holograms in swimming pools?

The technology has advanced so much and now holograms are turning to be on the spotlight for museums attacting more and more different generations, increasingly teenagers. The bond between digitisation and projection results in spectacular holograms that stun everybody with its spectaculare immersive experiences that can teleport visitors and gamers to different eras, providing a unique peek into the past.