About us

We started Maze-M in late 2020. We were frustrated to see so many museums without any 3D content or if there was a 3D content, it was lacking the educational or entertainment aspects. There were immersive experiences but there were NO truly interactive adventure stories driven by video games.

As a result, we have decided to start building the first platform for immersive video games in the culture sector allowing museums and cultural heritage sites to publish, share and integrate 3D, VR and AR GAMES and experiences.

Our Experience
As culture digital blasters we develop games and immersion content for museums and heritage sites. We create great 2D and 3D arts.
FInalist of Immaterial Future Innovation Award for innovative solutions that make culture the driver of humanity's growth
Currently our team of culture blasters is over 10+ amazing people working on a few exciting projects and open to help you make your immersive game projects.

Recent Works

In 2021 our team branched into NFT games development with it first one of a kind games in Varna Museum where is the oldest processed gold in the world so far with an aim to bring our solid industry experience into the Blockchain domain.

AR Game in Varna Museum
“Maze-M is not only making objects ‘come to life’, Maze-M could make you a part of an x-reality adventure which involves the latest technologies in a story driven context.”
Petar Atanasof
IT Museum Expert
“Museums are much more than repositories of objects; they are becoming technology-driven places for knowledge and enjoyment. Maze-M supports museums by bringing x-reality adventures in a spectacular way.”
Dr. Vladimir Slavchev
Professor and Museum Expert