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Immerse yourself into a universe where stories  and technolgy  weave smoothly with our spectacular holograms in museums. Our superb holographic displays ligically fuse reality and imagination, granting visitors to observe historical figures, events, and artefacts in staggering detail. Teleport your guests or games through time as our holograms create a dynamic and interactive environment.

Hologram exhibitions and games

Pioneering Hologram Entertainment


Speaking about entertainment in museums, holograms are fast becoming the way of the future. Whether you’re looking for a new birthday party idea, kids’ activity or just want to experience holographic fun, now the museums will become more fun while being educational. Maze-M uses only the most prominentlaser light technology, hence, our hologram fun devices will display unforgetabble visual learning experience. We strive to blend learning with  fun.

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Holograms in museums avail advanced holographic display technology to establish realistic and immersive experiences for visitors, fusing leading technology with historical gaming narratives and artefacts.

Maze-M provides holographic projection tools for museums to assist those in the business of building their technological progress, and create a spectacular and memorable experience for visitors and gamers.

Hologram Exhibition Tools

Hologram Gallery

Visitor or gamers ca truly immerse themselves in the game story with our Hologram Gallery. As people walk along, holograms projected into the wall appear as if they appear from the screen and into reality, offering a remarcable visual spectacle that smushes the line between what is real.

Fenced Hologram Exhibition

This tool can project holographic people, artefacts and galaxies in a fenced floor enclosure. Visitors can observe in a more sensetional and exceptional viewing angle of the holographic content, with the chance to be very close and personal with the complicated element of each projection.

Hologram Rooms

Submerge yourself in a room of your choice where vibrant spirited scenery sorrounds you, hypnothic visuals and interactive elements produce an exceptions sensory experience, altering everything around in a such a way that goes even beyond your immagination.  



How are holograms installed in the museums?

The development of holograms for museum is a complex endevour which involves  a mix of digital content artistry and projection techniques. Historical artefacts or chracters are digitised using 3D scanning, motion capture, or computer-generated graphics. This enourmous data is being processed and simplified into projection holographic surfaces using specialised projectors. Lighting and optics are extremely well calibrated to develop a holographic effect never seen before but still resulting in realistic and visually spectacular way.


Can gamers interact with the museum holograms?

Of course that visitors and gamers can interact with holograms. That was the purpose of our sweats and efforts so all of our hologram artistry have interactive and story driven gaming features.


Can your hologram game exhibits be used temporary?

It is very easy to dissasemble the exhibitions and hologram games to make them visit traveling museums. They are transported and assembled easily in any location of your preference, making them easy to be adapted to any museum space Holographic displays can be designed to be portable and lightweight, allowing for easy installation and dismantling. This flexibility enables museums to create an engaging hologram exhibition that can be shared with visitors and gamers across the world.  


Why holograms in museums?

The technology has advanced so much and now holograms are turning to be on the spotlight for museums attacting more and more different generations, increasingly teenagers. The bond between digitisation and projection results in spectacular holograms that stun everybody with its spectaculare immersive experiences that can teleport visitors and gamers to different eras, providing a unique peek into the past.