When Games Become Art

Augmented Reality Game Adventure

The archaelogical museum in Varna was an all-girls High School “Maria Louisa” from 1893 until 1983. Some mysterious forces are disturbing the museum allies. 

The remains of Chief, Sogatur are in the museum, but he and his confidante, Dobi iare restless. Theri spirits wander in the space-time continuum, in an enchanted labyrinth created by Sogatur’s father, Laded in search of his ax. Sogatur used the ax to show people how to make wonders, but angry at this boastful move, Laded hid the ax in the enchanted labyrinth.

Sogatur failed to find the ax in his lifetime. Therefore, Sogatur attracts wonderous spirits like Dobi to help him in his search for the ax.

Sogatur - the lord of gold

Our first beyond “reality” augmented reality augmented immersive game is in Varna Museum, where is the oldest processed gold, in the world so far. In that game, our culture blasters reveal the science in the archaeological museum, through investigating the museum allies. In order to complete the quest, people need to find and collect rare artefacts, NFTs and scientific information about specific exhibits while interacting with AR 3D models.


The Lord of Gold 


Mammoth Hunter


Ghost and Mentor

Virtual Reality Game

Vasili Arkhipov was one of three officers on a Soviet submarine near Cuba in 1962. He was the only one who said  “NO” when his captain wanted to releas a nuclear torpedo against America. Vasiliy’s head was crisp, despite the boling conditions inside the sub. Temperatures reached near 60 degrees Celsius. Arhipov averted World War III.  Perhaps Arhipov is the reason most of us are alive today! History shows us that sometimes the most important contribution an individual can make is to say “NO”

Forge Virtual Reality Training in Military

Virtual game where culture blasters encourage you to play any character in that Soviet submarine.

Live at K-19 Submarine

Live at the Russian Nuclear submarine

Vasili Arhipov

The russian who prevented the World War 3 by refusing to fire nuclear missiles during The Cuban Missile Crisis. Vasiliy  saved the World.

k-19 Submarinq

The first of its kind nuclear  submarine K-19 was part of the project 658 class. It was equiped with nuclear ballistic missiles,  precesely the R-13 type.