The revolutionary Artec Leo 3D scanner builds on the success of the Artec Eva and Space Spider. However it has the additions of a touchscreen, onboard processing with a quad core processor and onboard solid state storage. The portable 3D scanner also has a capture speed of 80 FPS, five to ten times times that of competing scanners. In addition, it has almost three times the scan volume of others.

Unusually for a handheld 3D scanner, the Artec Leo carries its own internal computer complete with a 5.5″ touchscreen. This allows you to inspect the model and look for any areas you missed without the need to connect to an external computer. Therefore, the Leo is perfect for 3D scanning in challenging environments where you are pushed for time or space.

This 3D scanner features an integrated power pack and is ergonomically constructed. Therefore, it is a great choice for where a mains power supply may not be available. Additionally, it has a new, better, and more balanced design that provides for easier access to difficult-to-reach areas as well as wireless operation. As a result, it’s apparent that Artec is committed to developing technology that can stay up with today’s industries. While simultaneously being as simple and straightforward to use as any other video camera.

  • Lightweight, handheld and wireless
  • Up to six hours of 3D scanning on a full charge
  • High Resolution (up to 0.2mm) and High Accuracy (up to 0.1mm)
    Store 512 GB on the SSD drive
  • Touchscreen for inspection in the field
    HD Reconstruction powered by AI and machine learning
  • In-field calibration and temperature compensation for high precision