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Our innovative and impactful projects already won awards from the International Olympic Commitee, Alibaba Cloud and Google

Digitization of the First King of Europe and his Treasure

Donate and earn rewards to bring the glory of the first king of Europe in 3D. In his grave was found the oldest processed gold in the world which was produced 1 000 years before the civilizations of Shumer and Egypt. Its number significatnly exceeds the amount of similar items from the 5th millennium BC found all over the world. The precious metal shines with its native 22 carat purity.


SwiMMinD Alive: Mixed Reality Games and AI Assistant

Developed by Educators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experts, World and Olympic medallists, SwiMMinD is a mobile application, an AI Assistant that teaches people how to swim and race globally in a fun, enjoyable way, in augmented gamified reality mode, without leaving local pools. Google, International Olympic Committee and Alibaba Cloud has already awered SwiMMinD for its AI (Big data) solution.


The Warrior Monk: Video Game

After Tsar Boris united the country and won wars without fighting, the long-awaited peace arrived. The Tsar retreated in monastery and gave his kingdom to his son, Vladimir. Shortly after, some dark forces put a spell on Vladimir and for 4 years the country went into darkness. Boris dethroned Vladimir. In order to cure him from the spell, his eyes were taken out.