The Warrior Monk

852 - 889

VIrtual Reality


A first-person, open world, realistic RPG VR game that will take you to 9th century in the Balkan Peninsula. You could play Tsar Boris or a humble, young blacksmith. The story of Boris is based on historical facts and the story of the blacksmith is about fulfilling the dying wish of his father. Unfortunately, life takes him to the dungeons just because he chose the side of the dethroned tsar Vladimir. Will the blacksmith transform and accept the line of rule brought by tsar Boris is leading, it is up to you. You will wander the world, fighting as a brave warrior, lurking in the shadows as a rogue, or using the bard’s charm to persuade people to your cause. You will dive deep into a sweeping, epic, nonlinear story. All of this – and more – brought to life beautifully with high-quality storyline and dialogues with lots of hmor and historical references.

Non-linear story

Lets you choose between being a villain or a hero. Every quest can be solved in multiple ways.

Innovative combat system

Unique, rich, authentic yet easy-to-control, first-person melee experience. Based on actual 9th century fighting techniques and designed in cooperation with martial arts experts.

Improve your character

Different play styles – tsar, warrior, rogue or comedian – can be mixed and matched as you see fit. You can develop your skills, earn new perks, and fine-tune your equipment.

Large realistic landscape,

open world

Covering 10 square km and 30 hours of gameplay (in first phase, out of 3 total)

Lead the charge in enormous, open field battles and sieges

You can become a legend. If you’re going to crush on an army of enemies, you better build your own.

Take a trip in the 9th Century in the Balkan Peninsula

Large welcoming cities, astonishing castles, towering, dark forests, and muddy villages.

A dynamic 9th Century world

comes alive

Every citizen, villagers has its own role in their communities. Either during the day or at night, you can watch people work, help them when needed, or try to interupt their routines and see what happens.

Build relationships with characters

Become an outcast, rebel, criminal or a local hero, seduce local women, threaten your enemies or pardon vanquished rivals.

As A blacksmith, you can Create your own weapons

Cook 9th century meals, brew up potions, or dig around for gold. All crafting occurs in-game, using adequate mini-games, rather than dull, repetitive menus.



There are dungeons and not dragons, dwarfs, elfs with pointy ears, ugly orgs. There will be futuristic, magical elements but not to a point were we lose the historical perspective from which people can learn. We want to bring you a spectacular story rooted in the height of one nation, Bulgaria, brought to life in its greatnes under the reign of tsar Boris' successor, tsar Simeon. So what is the Warrior Mank? Think of it as Braveheart: The Game. Spectacular castles, honourable warriors, large, open field battles, and political intrigue set in a vast, emerging empire, Bulgaria. We want to make the experience as authentic as possible – real-world locations, real castles that don’t look like something from Disneyland, period-accurate armors and costumes, combat and fencing systems designed in collaboration with the most knowledgeable, skillful swordsmen around, and a story based on actual, historic events.



We are not aiming to develop the biggest VR game ever. We want to focus on quality rather than quantity. Instead of 100 generic dungeons, we want to focus on several, sculpting them as unique and historically accurate, memorable, and special. The world to be created is large, but again, the focus is on creating a natural, organic space, not one so overpopulated. The same goal is for quests. We do not want to go with insane number of quests. Wa want those quests to matter and be memorable as close to what would have been a real quest in the 9th century.

Sick of killing zombies? Or being treated like a postman, transporting items from point A to point B? So are we! That’s why our quests are different. Play as a the warrior monk who investigates mass murders, lay siege to a bandit fort with an army at your back, experience grand battles between, interrogate, bribe, threaten, love, hate, help, fight… It’s up to you to decide what to do. There are multiple ways to finish every quest - use your mastery of the sword, quick fingers, or your wit.

Branching dialog

Dialogs are essential feature of the Warrior Monk, one could say even more important that the combat, considerint tsar Boris won wars without battles. Your time to make choises is limited, your decisions affect your relationships with others, and you do not have a travel machine in this game. Just like in real life, you have to think carefully about what you say to whom.

Skill-based mini-games

Almost everything that can be turned into a game will be playable – and that extends to crafting, as well. Blacksmithing doesn’t happen in menus but rather with a hammer at a forge. These mini-games are skill-based and affected by the player’s stats. You’ll be able to forge, sharpen, and repair weapons, create potions and ointments through alchemy, pick locks and pockets, distill alcohol, and prepare food.

the world

Freedom to do anything

The exploration of the world is free. If you don’t want to play the main quest line, it will “wait” for you, and you can go about exploring the world and doing other stuff – side quests, random events, hunting, crafting, small side stories, and much more. A giant world based on beautiful, real-world locations The world covers approx. 10 sq km2 (3.5 sq. miles), with a modern city, dense forests, stunning castles, and beatiful villages. Of course, there will also be underground locations to discover, like mines, secret passages, and catacombs.

VR Fighting

Creating immersive, spectacular, first-person melee fighting systems has been an onging challenge for game developers. It's hard to mix easy, intuitive controls with a first-person view and sufficient variety of moves. Many have tried and failed but we have a solution. We shall create a fighting mechanics that are based on the 9th century combat techniques The controls shall be intuitive as in first-person shooters and we have a few tricks that can bring a lot of combat combinations. On top of that, the VR game shall be based on real-time physics and inverse kinematics, so when you hit something, your hands and weapon, not just your target, react accordingly, which is something that was not possible on last-gen hardware.


You can specialize in different fighting styles and weapon classes and will constantly learn new moves and techniques, as well as unlock new weapons and armors. Every weapon has its own uses, pros, and cons. The sword is universal, but weak against plate armor; hammers are ideal against plate armor, but weak against sword; the longsword is strong, but slow, and cannot be used from horseback, etc.

Battles and castle sieges

Fighting multiple enemies at the same time is difficult. It is often a good idea to have allies at your side (and, at times, a lot of them). Our goal is to have as many characters in fights as possible and to offer players big battles and castle sieges to take part in. Not many battles, mind you - more like one or two in the first act. For us, a battle is a climax, not a ‘wow’ moment that needs to happen every two minutes. The precise scope of these battles and the amount of characters on screen are still things we are evaluating – they are complicated feats to pull off even on next-gen hardware.


Horses are your primary means of transportation in the 9th century in the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria, but you can fight from horseback, as well. War horses can be used as living weapons with special moves and attacks (strafing, running backwards, several different kicks, etc.). Horses also shall serve as a secondary inventory for the player.

RPG System

Your character in Warrior Monk will have STATS (Strength, Speed, Agility, Vitality, and Speech), CONDITIONS (Stamina, Health, Hunger, and Sleep), SKILLS (Swordsmanship, Archery, Alchemy, and many others), and PERKS (special combat moves, crafting abilities, or varying advantages). Conditions change as you become injured, exhausted, etc. Stats and skills will increase when you use them. Perks can be unlocked or learned. Stats and conditions can be temporarily or permanently modified by alchemy. You must also eat and sleep - you need to keep your character alive, after all!

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