Culture Games

Battle of Ongal

We want you to become part of one of the greatest battles in the history of the Balkans which is to be brought in VR! The Battle of Ongal shall provide you with the chance to experience the battle that took place in Ongal area in the summer of 680 around the swamps in the […]

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The Venus of Willendorf

Embark on the craziest reverse treasure hunt journey with your friends. The Natural History Museum Vienna in Austria gives you the most mysterious artefact in the world – The Venus of Willendorf and together with your friends you must uncover the origins of this extremely rare artefact.  A legend and treasures (NFTs) left in the

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Eve’s Scrolls

Eve’s Scrolls VR is an adventure game where you navigate/explore ancient cultural and natural heritage sites in and around the city of Jeddah and the Red Sea. You must solve series of puzzles and riddles! Explore numerous rooms in underwater and dryland locations in search of historical treasures, relics and artifacts. The most precious NFT

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Museum Heist

Museum Heist is a refined game for elite robbers and detectives.  You shall either commit or prevent an impossible heist of precious paintings and/or artefacts which are collected as NFTs that you can later trade in the real market.  This Virtual Reality Gam shall include  a mode to play with friends and strangers. A team

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Troll Hunter

Jump into the world of trolls to stop the troll king Jotnar, who is starving his kingdom, pushing trolls go into the human world and feed with cows, bears and other large animals. Try to stop Jotnar’s plans to conquer the human world. Team up with Norah in virtual reality co-op and also get a

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The Warrior Monk

852 – 889 VIrtual Reality THE GAME and its FEATURES A first-person, open world, realistic RPG VR game that will take you to 9th century in the Balkan Peninsula. You could play Tsar Boris or a humble, young blacksmith. The story of Boris is based on historical facts and the story of the blacksmith is

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