Museum Heist

Museum Heist is a refined game for elite robbers and detectives.  You shall either commit or prevent an impossible heist of precious paintings and/or artefacts which are collected as NFTs that you can later trade in the real market.  This Virtual Reality Gam shall include  a mode to play with friends and strangers.

A team of thieves are trying to infiltrate a the Louvre, steal as much valuable arts, NFTs as possible and then get away  while the detectives are trying to identify the thieves in a crowd of cops are attempting to prevent the heist from happening.


  • two different teams (thieves and detectives), each with different classes that offer unique abilities
  • multiple maps, that can be changed with a map vote
  • Collect rare NFTs of real paintings and artifacts with the possibility to trade them in the real market
  • thieves can choose from a variety of masks, with each one offering different bonus stats
  • different, unique weapons 

The thieves have to blend in with a crowd of visitors and security guards and cops to not get shot by , while somehow smuggling inside the Louvre Museum, stealing precious paintings and artefacts, and then getting away with it. They have a variety of options to pull off the perfect heist, for example, they can:

  • neutralize security guards and use their clothing as a disguise
  • hack the museums software systems to get into the museum
  • smuggle a bag of weapons inside the museum, and blow up vaults with precious artefacts
  • steal paintings and artifacts
  • call in a rescue car and/or helicopter and get away with the money
  • equip masks, that give away their identity as thieves, but give them bonus stats at the same time

The detectives can access security cameras to monitor the museums, and use their unique abilities which include checking IDs, thermal vision or placing new cameras, to identify the thieves and then overwhelm them in a shoot-off.

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