3D Scanners

Purchase the best 3D scanners in the world to bring astonishing visibility of any artefact. Technology and Cuture combined to preserve history. We have selected only the top 3D scanners in the world that can facilitate precise measurement, inspection and reverse engineering applications. All of our equipment has been expertly designed by leading manufacturers to support manufacturing, fabrication, and product development. The scanners are equipped with a whole host of features. For instance, laser tracking, scan-to-CAD modelling, and CMM probing. Therefore, our 3D scanners pave the way for easy reverse engineering and additive manufacturing possibilities.


We are authorised resellers for some of the world’s leading 3D scanner manufacturers. Working with reputable names such as Artec 3D and Zeiss/GOM, we take pride in delivering the best. Our scanning products have been carefully chosen based on user-friendliness and of course capabilities. From long-range scanners through to the highly versatile handheld portable 3D scanners. Our range of 3D scanners can accommodate all various projects and levels of 3D scanning.